Cybytes is a software development house for web, cloud, server, network, mobile and desktop applications. Our team of veteran architects, engineers and analysts can provide you with all your custom software, no matter how complex your requirements.
We also develop project with partners and generic software for customers world wide. We've highlighted some of these projects below.

Screenshot from the tablet application used on-site


The most advanced system to make sure all your locations get all the stores they require. Thanks to our highly intelligent engine, the system ensures healthy, varied and tasty meals on board. Always within budget!

A very complex order can be created within five minutes, no matter how long the trip, or for how many people. The system is that fast and that easy to use. At the same time, you can still change the entire order to your preference, without ever going over budget, or making any calculations what-so-ever. In fact, you will not see any pricing at all, so you can focus on what you want, not on costs.

Fresh food and spoiling

Fresh food with fresh ingredients is very important, particularly on long trips. But there is always the risk of spoiling fresh foods. In the past, you would need to keep this in mind when you created your order, or you would waste a lot of products. No more! The system always tries to supply fresh products, but switches to long-life when we reach the later days in the trip automatically.

For Professionals, by Professionals

Many of the dishes you will encounter are created by the cooks that use the system. You have sent us many all-time great recipes and idea's. We strongly believe this is your system, not ours, and we will put in all our effort to put in even more of your ideas and recipes.

The sustenance@sea project is a joint effort by Cybytes and Den Helder Stores. Cybytes takes care of all design, development and implementation.

The project is still in alpha but is already generating interest from the Navy, some of the largest caterers in the world, global ship owners and others.

Screenshot from the tablet application used on-site

Apple FileMaker plugins

We have created numerous plugins for Apple's FileMaker. among them plugins for server communication, barcode scanning and printing, data exchange with other software and many more.

JFM Plugin SDK (Java FileMaker Plugin Software Development Kit)

We are on the verge of releasing a Java plugin SDK for other developers to use. This SDK makes writing plugins much easier than the existing C++ SDKs on the market. The SDK will be open source and free to use without any limitations or advertisements.

JFM Web SDK (Java FileMaker Web Software Development Kit)

We are working on a plugin SDK for HTML5 controls to use in the FileMaker forms and user interface. This SDK is built on the JFM Plugin SDK. The SDK allows you to create virtually any control you may need for FileMaker with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript support. It also features full Java support to create fast and complex controls that require more than the web technologies can provide.

Web controls for FileMaker

In the very near future, several web controls will be released based on our JFM Web SDK. These will include advanced calendars, grids, treeviews, form components and more. All will be fully customizable through CSS3 and javascript. The controls will include many anchors, functions and events in both Java and Javascript to handle even the most complex tasks. Still, the controls will be simple to implement and use.

Custom plugins & controls

If you are in need for a custom solution, we can build any plugin or control to your specifications. Please contact us for details.

Screenshot from the tablet application used on-site

Central User Administration

Distribution by SMT Systems

This application allows a company to centrally manage users for multiple locations around the world from the main office. Management is easy and fast and automatically mails users about creation and changes to their accounts.

In normal situations, ICT companies manage the computer users. For offshore this would be expensive though as crews and personnel change all the time. With Central User Administration, the Human Resources department manages all these users themselves with minimal effort and time.

The system is role based, which means all the correct authorizations are managed automatically by setting the user's role in the application. As an enhancement, e-mail addresses can also be role based.

This product is currently used daily by offshore companies like Jack-Up Barge BV to manage their users on their platforms at sea.